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14 teams, 9 bulldozers, 1,500 policemen: how the demolition was carried out in Delhi

No one was notified before the demolition.

New Delhi:
North Delhi’s civilian body today demolished several structures in what they called a routine “anti-burglary drive” in the violence-stricken Jahangirpuri. The Supreme Court stopped the demolition in response to an appeal and ordered an urgent hearing.

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  1. Demolition began at 9:30 a.m. and continued until about 12 p.m. Several shops, construction in front of buildings, handcarts and even the outer gate of the mosque that was the center of last week’s violence were demolished by North Delhi Municipal Corporation’s excavators.

  2. 14 teams from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi carried out the operation with nine excavators.

  3. 400 police officers were requested by the civilian body of the Delhi police, but with the security situation in mind, more than 1,500 police personnel and paramilitary forces were present.

  4. No one was notified before the demolition. The North Delhi mayor told techlives as it was an “anti-burglary drive” and not a demolition, no notice was needed.

  5. The North Delhi mayor has just written a letter to the Commissioner of Delhi police asking for security forces readily provided to him.

  6. It is the first of its kind operation in Delhi just after an incident of violence like the one during Hanuman Jayanti. The administration acted very quickly.

  7. The intrusion exercise was ordered after Adesh Gupta, head of the BJP of Delhi, wrote to the mayor asking him to identify and demolish illegal constructions by “rioters”.

  8. While the mayor described it as a “routine exercise”, the timing of the order, especially since it came after the BJP’s main letter, raised questions about political motives.

  9. Opposition leaders slammed the BJP as the civic body led by the BJP carried out the demolition. While Congress MP Rahul Gandhi called it the “dismantling of India’s constitutional values” and “state-sponsored target of poor and minorities”, Ragam Chadha, MP from the Aam Aadmi party, directly accused Amit Shah, interior minister cases, directly accused of orchestrating communal riots and asking that his home be. broken down.

  10. Police have been guarding Jahangirpuri since Saturday’s clash that erupted when an unauthorized Hanuman Jayanti march took a route past a mosque. Nine people, including eight policemen, were injured in the violence during which two groups pelted each other with stones and shots were also fired.

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