Android 13 can allow 2 service provider connections on a single eSIM: Report

Google is said to be working on an Android 13 feature that will be a game changer for those who use two SIM cards on a single phone. According to the report, although the feature will debut with Android 13, it is not intrinsic to Android and can be implemented on iOS and even Windows.

According to a report by Esper, through a feature called Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP), the search giant wants to assign two carrier profiles to a single eSIM and easily switch between networks.

Google apparently bases the new feature on a patent filed in 2020, which describes a split of the existing SIM interface into two digital connections. There have been reports in the past that Google is testing it on an engineering Pixel hardware. This can allow manufacturers to get rid of the SIM card slot, leaving room for extra hardware.

Android 13 is expected to be fully unveiled at Google’s Google I / O 2022 Developer Conference in May, before being released later this year. So far, the company has released Android 13 Developer Preview 1, and it contains many privacy-focused changes.

The developer preview showed features such as a system photo selector, a Nearby Wi-Fi devices feature, theme apps, language preferences per application, Quick settings placement API, and more. Other Android 13 features expected include an Apple Handoff-style feature where users can tap to transfer playback.

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