Baba Rani Maurya: Former Uttarakhand governor enters active politics


An influential Jatav leader, Baby Rani Maurya, resigned from the Uttarakhand governor’s post last year and took a dive into active politics.

On Friday, the 65-year-old Dalit leader was sworn in as a Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister.

Ms Maurya resigned from the governor’s post in September last year, leading to speculation that the party wants her to enter active politics. She held the position for three years.

She was made the national vice-president of the party and was elected to the state assembly in the recent election from Agra (Rural).

With a degree in Education (B.Ed) and Masters in Arts, she was a member of the National Commission for Women.

She contested the 2007 election of the Etmadpur Assembly on a BJP ticket, but was then defeated.

Her husband Pradeep Kumar stepped down from a senior position in a bank.

Baby Rani Maurya joined the BJP in 1995 and then became the mayor of Agra.

Thereafter, she held various positions in the party.

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