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Congressmen’s key demand accepted at party rally in Rajasthan

New Delhi:

An important demand from the dissidents in the party to form the parliamentary council of Congress was accepted as a proposal at the party’s grand meeting in Rajasthan. The proposal must now have the approval of the Congress Working Committee, the highest decision-making body in the party.

This is a key demand that will replace the Congressional Election Committee that decides candidates for the Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections.

Gandhi loyalists, sources say, are determined not to allow the congressional council’s proposal to be accepted and there is a dispute over this in the party.

Whether there will be elections of this new post or it will be put together by regular members or nomination by the party president is left to the top congressional body.

On the issue of alliances with other political parties, the 137-year-old party wants state-wide alliances with various parties that are not in line with the BJP.

There remains a big question mark over the leadership issue with no indication of Rahul Gandhi whether he intends to run in the party’s presidential election later this year.

Congress also plans to increase the representation of scheduled castes (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs), other disadvantaged classes (OBCs) and minorities to 50 percent at all levels of the organization.

Top congress leaders from across the country are in Udaipur for a three-day brainstorming session to decide on the party’s strategy on key issues and the overhaul of the organization.

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