“Dharma will triumph again”: AIADMK leader ahead of party

The AIADMK party meeting is scheduled for June 23.


AIADMK Coordinator O Panneerselvam apparently rested on Wednesday on the fact that the chance was stacked against him and his followers, ahead of the party meeting of 23 June which is expected to address the only leadership issue.

Ahead of the General and Executive Council meetings, which are likely to look at the anointing of Joint Coordinator Edappadi K Palaniswami (EPS) as supreme party leader as he enjoys overwhelming support, Mr Pannerselvam, commonly known as ‘OPS’, tweeted that ‘Dharma’ will win again ‘.

The remark seems to be an indication that OPS has begun to reconcile him with the fact that his rival EPS now has an advantage in the party and that Mr Panneerselvam will do everything to regain his rightful position in the party.

AIADMK sources indicated that one of the options being explored by the OPS camp includes approaching the Electoral Commission at the right time for its intervention. They have already approached the police to deny permission to the meeting, which was denied.

Petitions have been filed with a city court asking for intervention to maintain status quo regarding the dual structure (led by OPS and EPS) of party leadership.

Mr Panneerselvam, who expressed concern about a party worker and supporter trying to burn himself, called on cadres not to resort to any extreme measures such as this.

He quoted a popular Tamil phrase, which can be roughly translated as “Dharma can be swallowed up by a sly prank, but Dharma will eventually win.”

Several well-known supporters of OPS such as Deputy Secretary KP Munusamy and former Minister K Pandiarajan have switched to the EPS camp, which has overwhelming support, including that of veterans such as Dindigul Srinivasan and KA Sengottaiyan.

EPS is the leader of opposition in the Assembly and OPS is the deputy leader.

The meeting is expected to adopt more than a dozen resolutions and draft copies have reportedly been made available to the OPS camp. It is not clear whether one of them has a reference to the leadership question or not.

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