Far Cry 6 Free Weekend Arrives Thursday With Stranger Things Crossover

Far Cry 6 is offering a free weekend for gamers from Thursday, March 24th to Monday, March 28th, allowing new players to access the game for free on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S / X and Xbox One, over the weekend. This will include the new Stranger Things crossover mission – inspired by the popular Netflix series of the same name – assuming you have completed the necessary missions to access it. Players who do not have a copy of the game can also purchase the game and the Season Pass at discounted prices, Ubisoft announced.

Players can pre-download Far Cry 6 on PC, PS4 and PS5, giving them access to the full game later on Thursday – including all free downloadable content released so far, and The Vanishing, an upcoming Stranger Things crossover mission announced by the publisher.

Ubisoft also shared a graph showing the release time for different regions. The Far Cry 6 free weekend will be available to play in India from Thursday, March 24 at 23:30 IST / 11:00 PT on Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X . The free weekend ends on Monday, March 28 at 23:30 IST / 11:00 PT, Ubisoft has revealed.

As mentioned earlier, gamers will also have access to The Vanishing, a new crossover mission featuring Netflix’s Stranger Things that adds stealth horror survival game to Far Cry 6. Players signing up for the game on Thursday will enter a ‘twisted’ version of Yara, which according to Ubisoft was inspired by the upside, complete with a hidden bunker and an abandoned laboratory. As Yarans begins to disappear, Dani must begin searching for Chorizo ​​and locating the island’s inhabitants who have been driven away.

Once the Far Cry 6 free weekend ends, players who want to keep playing the popular title can buy the game for PC at a 50 percent discount at the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store (Standard, Gold, Deluxe editions) as part of Spring sale. Players can pick up the Season Pass at a 35 percent discount at the Epic Games Store and use 35 percent and 25 percent discounts on the Vase: Insanity DLC and the Pagan: Control DLC, respectively. Google Stadium users can also purchase the game at a 50 percent discount on the Standard, Gold and Ultimate editions and a 35 percent discount on the Season Pass, from March 24 to March 31.

Meanwhile, PS4 and PS5 owners can pick up the standard and Gold editions of the game at a 50 percent discount, along with a 35 percent discount on the Season Pass as part of the PlayStation Store’s Deal of the Week from March 23 – 30 March. From March 24 to March 28, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X players can purchase all editions of the game at a 50 percent discount on the Xbox Store, along with a 35 percent discount on the Season Pass, according to Ubisoft.

Far Cry 6’s free weekend begins Thursday night in India, and ends Monday night.

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