Fitbit launches sleep profile feature for premium users

Fitbit introduces the Sleep Profile feature, which will give Fitbit users even more insight into their sleep. This new Fitbit Premium feature offers a new longitudinal analysis of sleep patterns while being interpreted with fun animal characters. The Sleep Profile analyzes the Fitbit user’s sleep over 10 key metrics each month, supported by sleep science, calculates trends and compares them with what is typical for their age and gender to let them discover where they can improve.

Google company Fitbit announced the “Sleep Profiles” in a blog post. This new feature enables their Premium members to gain more insight into their sleeping habits with the help of their associated sleeping animal. It also helps Fitbit users discover long-term trends in their habits so they can try to improve their sleeping habits.

Fitbit claims that the sleep profile metrics are displayed for the first time on a monthly total view, and users will also be provided with ideal ranges for each measure. They will also receive a monthly sleep analysis – so they can consider their actual focus and efforts for further improvement.

Fitbit’s sleep profile feature uses six animal archetypes, including giraffe, bear, dolphin, hedgehog, parrot and turtle, each selected for their different trends related to general users’ sleep patterns, according to the company.

Meanwhile, Fitbit explains, “Our research team studied 1,000 different sleep characteristics during its analysis before distilling them into the key metrics we include in your profile. These range from new metrics, including sleep schedule variability, a time before healthy sleep, and disrupted sleep. “According to previously tracked statistics such as sleep duration, tranquility and REM sleep, these data points represent a holistic month-long view of your sleep patterns and quality.”

The Fitbit users, on the other hand, were asked to wear a Fitbit smartwatch or tracker while sleeping for at least 14 nights a month, to receive the analysis. Results will be displayed on the first day of each month in the Fitbit application and may change from month to month.

In terms of availability, the latest Sleep Profile feature will be introduced for Premium customers and is compatible with Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Inspire 2 devices. The qualifying Fitbit users will receive their first profile in the first week of July, according to the company.

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