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“Kangana Ranaut may be a celebrity, but …”: Defamation Court

Kangana Ranaut sought permanent release in her application


Actor Kangana Ranaut may be a well-known person who has professional assignments, but she can not forget that she is an accused in a case, a local court said while refusing to give her permanent release of appearance in a defamation suit filed by Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar.

Metropolitan Magistrate RR Khan on Tuesday rejected Ms Ranaut’s application for permanent release of appearance in which she argued her professional obligations. The detailed order was made available on Thursday.

“On the contrary, the accused dictates her own conditions for the hearing of this case in the way she wishes. The accused can admittedly not claim permanent exemption from law. The accused must follow the established procedure of law and terms and conditions of her bail, “The court said in its order.

Magistrate Khan further said that the court has so far approved her release pleas for those dates (as requested by her for previous hearings) without imposing a charge.

“To date, the accused has not appeared for the purpose of cooperating with the court for the hearing of allegations made against her,” the order reads.

Mr Akhtar lodged the complaint with the court in November 2020, alleging that Ms Ranaut had made defamatory statements against him in a television interview, which allegedly damaged his reputation.

Ms Ranaut sought for permanent release of appearance and said she is one of the best actresses of the Hindi film industry and she has to travel to different parts of the country and international places for professional commitments.

However, the court rejected her application, saying: “Without a doubt, as an acquaintance, the accused (Ranaut) has her professional instructions, but she can not forget that she is an accused in this case.” “For the fair progress of the trial, her co-operation is essential in the matter. It is pertinent to mention here that the accused has built up her mind that her presence in this case is not necessary and her lawyer will look after the legal formalities.” “the court said in the order.

If the accused is permanently released at this time, the complainant, a senior citizen, will be seriously harmed and there will be no progress in the trial, it said.

Mr Akhtar’s lawyer opposed the application, arguing that Ranaut showed a casual attitude towards the court.

The court noted in its order that the case was for the offense of libel, in which the complainant (Akhtar) is a senior citizen and details of the offense have yet to be determined.

It said Ms Ranaut had made several unsuccessful attempts in the past to challenge the earlier orders of the court over the issuance of the process and to transfer the case to another court. “… the accused showed her interest in obtaining permanent exemption on the basis of her busy schedules. To date, the accused has not appeared for drafting details of offense although the matter was held specifically for her appearance for drafting details. of transgression, ‚ÄĚreads the order.

In his complaint, Mr Akhtar claimed that Ms Ranaut had dragged his name during an interview while referring to a ‘coterie’ that existed in Bollywood, following the alleged suicide by actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Ms Ranaut later filed a counterclaim in the same court against Mr Akhtar for alleged “extortion and criminal intimidation”. The actor in her complaint against mr. Akhtar said following her public dispute with her co-star, the lyricist called her and her sister Rangoli Chandel to his home with “malicious intentions and ulterior motives and then criminally intimidated and threatened her”.

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