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Mamata Banerjee orders police to arrest Trinamool man in Bengali killings

Birbhum violence: Mamata Banerjee claimed a larger conspiracy and called for “strict action”.


Mamata Banerjee visited a village in Bengal’s Birbhum today where eight people – all women and children – were burned alive by a crowd on Tuesday, and said the suspects would be hunted if they did not surrender. The prime minister fought a furious political setback over the brutal killings and accused the opposition BJP of approving political violence, also claiming that “something big” was behind the incident.

“I never believed that something so barbaric could happen in modern Bengal. Mothers and children were killed. Your family members died, but my heart was broken …,” said Mamata Banerjee, surrounded by the relatives and relatives of the murdered, besides villagers.

She claims a larger conspiracy, she called for “strict action” and said police would investigate the killings “from all angles”.

“The police will ensure that the most severe punishment is handed out to culprits responsible for the Rampurhat massacre. The case being brought before the court must be watertight,” Ms Banerjee said.

She called a top police officer right there and instructed him to punish policemen who were negligent in responding to complaints.

“I do not want any excuses for people running away. I want the people responsible to be arrested and policemen punished for decay. Witnesses should be protected by the police from possible attacks. Those whose houses were burnt down should get Rs. 1 lakh to repair the houses, “she said. She later revised the amount to Rs 2 lakh as the families complained it was not enough.

Ms Banerjee also promised permanent work to the affected families and handed out checks.

The prime minister has ordered police to arrest local Trinamool leader Anarul Shiekh in connection with the killings.

Six women and two children were locked in their homes on Tuesday and burned alive by a crowd at the village of Bogtui near Rampurhat, in what was apparently retaliation after a local Trinamool congress leader, Bhadu Sheikh, was killed in a rough bomb attack. is. Charred bodies were found a day later, mostly belonging to one family.

Many fled the town after the incident, allegedly for fear of retaliation or arrest. Two FIRs were filed – one on the murder of the Trinamool leader, and the other on the murder of villagers.

Although the two incidents caused a political quarrel, many villagers claim that a local rivalry provoked the violence.

Mamata Banerjee had earlier promised strict action, “regardless of political colors”, as she was attacked by the BJP. She said the state government had put together a special investigation team and about 20 people had been arrested. However, the BJP demanded a central inquiry, dismissing the prime minister and president’s rule.

Yesterday, the High Court in Calcutta intervened, saying that not enough was being done to apprehend those responsible for the attack, and ordered the state government to protect witnesses and set up CCTV cameras on the ground. The court also asked the state government to submit a report.

According to the news agency PTI, Bhadu Sheikh’s sons are among the suspects picked up by the police.

Since Tuesday, several political leaders, mainly from the BJP, have been visiting the town with TV team.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on one occasion last night described the killings as an “abomination” and said those responsible should not be forgiven.

PM Modi said his government was prepared to help the state in any way to persuade the accused.

“I hope that the state government will definitely ensure that those who have committed such heinous crimes are punished,” the prime minister said.

“I also want to urge the people of Bengal to never forgive the perpetrators of such incidents, those who encourage such criminals. The center will provide all kinds of assistance to the state government to ensure that the culprits are charged,” he added.

Mamata Banerjee has more than once claimed a conspiracy to defame her government.

“It was an attempt by the BJP, Left and Congress to harm our government … Strict action will be taken against all those responsible for the Birbhum incident, regardless of their (political) color,” she said on Wednesday. .

Without naming anyone, Ms Banerjee said the incident was orchestrated because “they failed to cause a riot”.

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