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Man of Indian descent, 28, jailed in UK for stalking 121 people: Report

Vijapura pleaded guilty at the same court to seven counts of prosecution. (Representative)


A 28-year-old man of Indian descent who has pleaded guilty to pursuit offenses has been sentenced by a British court to two years and eight months in prison for seven charges of pursuit of serious offenses against 121 victims.

Vishaal Vijapura was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court in south London on Tuesday and also received a Sexual Injury Prevention Order for a term of five years, which imposes restrictions on his activities under a court order.

Vijapura pleaded guilty at the same court to seven charges of persecution involving fear of internet violence.

“The dedication and dedication of the officers working on the case, with national support from colleagues across the UK, has led to Vijapura no longer being able to place these victims in fear of violence,” said Detective Inspector Paul Smith, of Scotland Yard’s South Area Public said. Protection unit.

“Some of the victims who contacted the police were too scared to risk it alone after the threats received from Vijapura. The internet is now a safer place with future evidence against continued transgression by this man in the form of a jail sentence. “This type of crime is dangerous and offensive and will not be tolerated at all,” he said.

“The victims in the case showed great strength to come forward. They supported the investigation and provided evidence of how Vijapura’s misogynistic behavior deeply affected their lives. It is absolutely right that he received a prison sentence,” he said. he added.

The British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has approved the charges against Vijapura to illustrate its overarching prosecution behavior towards 121 known victims.

In January 2021, the Metropolitan Police said they were made aware of a list published by Vijapura online that contained victims’ personal details, as well as a short essay that tried to justify the rape of the women and had more victims during the police investigation came to light.

On many other occasions, Vijapura has taken the victims’ images from their personal social media profiles and published them with a rhetoric that says the victims enjoyed extraordinary sexual gratification.

He also posted posts of them online with their personal details encouraging serious sexual violence against them, Met police said.

Vijapura sent many of the victims — spanning 16 police areas of England — direct messages containing “horrific and gruesome topics with constantly sexualized themes”.

“These victims provided evidence and statements of impact, as well as evidence that they received or were aware of online correspondence from Vijapura.

Evidence was also gathered showing that Vijapura identified the victims online and then followed them up by paying for online services to obtain their names and address details, ”the Met police said.

Following the publication of the online list and the accompanying essay, Vijapura was arrested on January 28 last year and subsequently released on parole, pending the download and review of his numerous electronic devices.

In March 2021, Vijapura was arrested again in connection with a new offense and by that time he was also found to have violated his police bail conditions.

The Met police said detectives were conducting a complex investigation that involved the forensic analysis of many devices to get the necessary evidence to get Vijapura to get justice in court.

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