New “Diverse” Barbie series includes the first doll with hearing aids, vitiligo and prosthetic leg

New collection of Barbie will be released in June.

Barbie is releasing a new collection of dolls in June to be more inclusive of all children. The new range of dolls will include the very first Barbie with behind-the-ear hearing aids, a doll with a prosthetic leg and a Ken doll with the skin condition vitiligo.

The 2022 Fashionista series will help children see themselves reflected, Mattel’s global head of Barbie Dolls, Lisa McKnight, said in a press release. CNN. Ms Mcknight added that children should be encouraged to play with dolls that do not look like them to help them “understand and celebrate the importance of inclusion.”

Furthermore, Ms Mcknight said that the company for Barbie with hearing aids sought the expertise of Dr Jen Richardson, a leading practitioner in educational audiology, in an effort to help accurately trace behind-the-ear devices for the toy. boots. According to the report, Dr. Richardson said that the ponytail Barbie complete with a pink hearing aid can inspire those who have experienced hearing loss.

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Coming back to the new collection, the company revealed that the changes have also been made to the stereotypical Barbie body type. Barbie will be available in crooked, petite and long dolls, and Ken dolls will feature narrow facial features and broad shoulders. On top of that, the hair on the figurines also differs in color, texture and style, with man buns, cornrows, a bald appearance and a rainbow hairstyle as options.

The new Barbie Fashionistas collections will go on sale on Amazon, Target and Walmart in June.

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Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that according to CNN, Barbie’s range of dolls has become increasingly diverse over the past year. In 2019, the company released a blonde, blue-eyed Barbie in a wheelchair and a brunette doll with a prosthetic leg. In 2020, the company also unveiled a Black Barbie with the skin condition vitiligo. Last year, a Black doll with an afro hairstyle was also released.

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