North Korea may hold nuclear test next week: US envoy

North Korea Nuclear Test: North Korea has tested nuclear weapons several times.


Pyongyang is ignoring the US revelation for talks and is possibly planning its first nuclear weapons test in almost five years for its April 15 holiday, North Korea’s State Department top envoy said on Wednesday.

Sung Kim, the special envoy for North Korea’s policy, said Washington thinks Pyongyang can plan a grand show of its growing nuclear capability at next year’s annual holiday, marking the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, who founded , will celebrate the modern Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

“We are concerned that the DVK may be tempted to take another provocative action in connection with the upcoming April 15th anniversary,” Kim told reporters, referring to North Korea’s recent ballistic missile test launches.

“I do not want to speculate too much, but I think it could be another missile launch, it could be a nuclear test,” he said.

North Korea has tested nuclear weapons several times since 2006, and its last test was in 2017.

Pyongyang continued to ignore Washington’s allocations to resume talks on removing all nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula, Kim said.

“We have not received any response from Pyongyang, which is very disappointing because we have sent several messages, both public and private, inviting them to a dialogue without any conditions,” he said.

“Instead, they have launched a series of missile tests that have recently resulted in at least three ICBM launches. These actions pose a serious threat to regional stability.”

Kim also said that China and Russia are not helping President Joe Biden resume talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Talks aimed at curbing Pyongyang’s nuclear threat have apparently taken off under Donald Trump’s previous US administration, but then stopped.

After Biden took office, North Korea began a series of missile tests, a total of 13, culminating last month in testing a ballistic missile that could potentially hit a nuclear warhead in the eastern United States. liver.

The tests upset North Korea’s immediate neighbors South Korea and Japan.

Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister Kim Yo Jong warned on Tuesday that Pyongyang would use its nuclear weapons to “eliminate” South Korea’s army if they launched a preemptive strike.

Sung Kim said Washington was pushing for a new resolution condemning Pyongyang’s actions at the UN Security Council.

But he noted that in six earlier attempts this year, Russia and China had “consistently blocked our efforts to make a public statement to the UN.”

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