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On Curry night, Australian Prime Minister Khichdi is cooking. It has a PM Modi Connect

Australian Prime Minister showcases his culinary skills

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Saturday celebrated the signing of the India-Australia Trade Treaty by boiling. And the curries he chose to cook for the night were all from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, emphasizing the importance he attaches to the bilateral relationship between Canberra and New Delhi.

“To celebrate our new trade agreement with India, the curries I have chosen to cook for curry night tonight are all from my dear friend, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat province, including his favorite Khichdi,” he said. Morrison photographed in his apron in an apron, posted on the image-sharing app Instagram.

Mr Morrison said the dishes were approved by his family.

“Jen (his wife), girls and mom all like it,” he said, sharing the photos.

In the past, Mr Morrison has shown his “ScoMosas” (Samosa-like) making skills and said he would like to share them with Prime Minister Modi.

In May 2020, Morrison posted a photo on Twitter of him with a tray of “ScoMosas,” a fried snack filled with potatoes, which he said was made from scratch, saying, “They are vegetarians and I would wanted to share. with him (Modi). ” “Sunday ScoMosas with mango chutney, all made from scratch – including the chutney!” said the Australian Prime Minister.

The agreement, called by Prime Minister Modi a watershed moment for relations between India and Australia, was signed earlier this week and will take bilateral trade between the two countries from $ 27 billion to $ 45-50 billion over the next five years.

The agreement provides tax-free access in the Australian market to more than 95 per cent of Indian goods such as textiles, leather, jewelery and sporting goods.

The Australian Prime Minister at the time said it was the single largest Australian government investment in his country’s relationship with India. He further said that the signing of the agreement is another milestone in the bilateral relationship.

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