Palak on her male friends who call mother Shweta Tiwari “Hot”: “This is the weirdest thing”

Palak with Shweta Tiwari (licensed by: palaktiwarii)

New Delhi:

Palak and Shweta Tiwari are often confused as sisters. The mother-daughter duo makes everyone weak in their knees with their beauty. Recently, Palak Tiwari talked about how she reacts when her male friends call Shweta “hot”. Speaking to an RJ, as reported by Etimes, Palak said: “That’s the weirdest thing. I’ve yelled at so many of my old friends before. They did not say they had a crush on her. , they’re like ‘old your mom is pretty hot huh’ and I was like ‘you say that and now my mom’s going to promise like that (hitting with a rolling pin).’ So, to her, everyone my age is like ‘beta’ and she’s always been very motherly so when my friends say ‘Shweta, you’re so hot,’ she’s like, ‘eh, nikal isko (throw him out).’

While Palak finds it “strange” when her male friends call Shweta Tiwari “hot”, “she loves it” when people compliment her mother. Speaking about this, Palak said: “I love it. I love that it happens that way. In fact, when I was younger too, I have loved it ever since. Because my nani (maternal grandmother) normally loves me would pick up from school, what a bratty kid I was not, but the day my mom came to pick me up I was like ‘Oh, my mom is warm and attractive and everyone is going to stare at her. I was always like’ huh “Yes, it’s my mother, so.” “I used to feel very cool. Until now it was like that, I was like ‘this is my mother’. I’m very proud of that.”

Palak is the daughter of Shweta Tiwari and her first husband, Raja Choudhary.

On the work front, Palak was last seen in a music video with Hardy Sandhu. Now she is promoting her next music video, in which she will be seen opposite Aditya Seal. Palak Tiwari will also make her Bollywood debut with Rosie: The Saffron Chapter.

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