Pfizer launches Asia’s first global drug development center in Chennai

The center integrates two essential functions under the export-oriented enterprise of Pfizer.


In a significant step to bring critical research and development capabilities under one roof, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has set up a global drug development center at the IIT Madras Research Park in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai.

The Center’s capabilities will include the development of both active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and completed dosage forms (FDFs) of differentiated products such as complex / value-added formulations, controlled release dosage forms, device combination products, lyophilized injections, powder-filled products, and ready-to-use products. -use formulations. It will develop and support products in global markets and Pfizer’s manufacturing centers worldwide.

“Pfizer’s Drug Development Center in the IIT Madras Research Park is a positive opportunity to truly establish one of the most advanced laboratories that Pfizer is setting up for R&D in the aforementioned disciplines anywhere in Chennai and in the world,” said S Sridhar, Country Manager . , Pfizer India.

“We are confident that it will allow synergistic co-development of cutting-edge API and FDF processes under one roof. The world-class scientific, technology- and innovation-driven Research Park Campus provides an ideal environment for our work. We are hopeful that the proximity to IIT Madras and other technological research park beginners will also improve academia and industrial partnerships and encourage greater collaboration to drive innovation, ”he added.

Pfizer has invested USD 20 million (INR 150 crore) in the 61,000-square-foot research and technology center at the IIT Madras Research Park. Although this center will be part of a network of 12 global centers set up worldwide, it is the first and only one currently being set up by Pfizer in Asia.

During the launch, S Aparna, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceutical Products, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India said there is a growing need for pharmaceutical companies to provide innovative solutions that address the new challenges facing healthcare providers and patients in the facing.

“This new center by Pfizer in Chennai is a step in that direction. Such efforts to strengthen and expand worldwide work through this center will provide for knowledge sharing that we hope will improve patient outcomes in the coming years. It will also benefit Pfizer. enable the utilization and demonstration of the large talent pool in India as well as the best-in-class infrastructure available at the IIT Madras Research Park, ”said Aparna.

“We are confident that this research center will be aligned with our greater national goal of improving the availability, affordability and access to drugs from around the world from India by building on the convergence with digital solutions available here, and academic collaboration to utilize, “she added. .

The center integrates two essential functions under the Pfizer export-oriented enterprise: Pharmaceutical Sciences (PharmSci) and Global Technology and Engineering (GT&E) Center of Excellence.

PharmSci is dedicated to the development of anti-infective drugs, oncolytic drugs, sterile injectables, anesthetics, CNS products and uniquely differentiated hospital products. GT&E pioneers next-generation API process and manufacturing technology to deliver medicine to patients around the world.

“We are delighted to welcome the Pfizer Global Medicine Development Center at IIT Madras Research Park. We believe that Pfizer’s proximity to IITM, scientists and students, the Tech Corridor and other leading industrial enterprises increases collaboration between industry and academia. We is also confident that the academics at IITM will benefit from access to Pfizer’s center, “said prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President, IITM Research Park, said.

This 61,000-square-foot facility employs 250 scientists and professionals from a range of scientific disciplines, including formulation scientists and pharmacists, analytical scientists with expertise in process, analytical and formulation medical sciences, life sciences specialists such as microbiologists and biotechnologists, data engineers, chemical engineers. and Program Managers.

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