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Prashant Kishor “Letching Onto Sick Unit”: KCR’s son over talks with Congress

Congress is a superfluous institution, KT Rama Rao said


KT Rama Rao, son of Telangana’s prime minister K Chandrashekar Rao, mocked the congress today and questioned why the election strategist Prashant would want to join it. Mr Rao senior has joined IPAC, the organization that has led Mr Kishor for years, and yesterday sparked speculation as to whether it has hampered the election strategist’s ongoing negotiations with Congress.

Asked if there could be a conflict of interest in Mr Kishor’s negotiations with the congress, Mr KT Rama Rao told techlives: “Firstly, I do not know if the congress can be taken seriously anywhere in the country “.

The party, he said, has not had a “single rate correction in the past three years” despite their string of defeats.

Rahul Gandhi, he pointed out, lost his family stronghold Amethi to the BJP in 2019 and in recent polls in Uttar Pradesh, Congress could not succeed in winning a single seat under the parliamentary constituency.

Asked about Mr Kishor, who described his father as his “best friend”, who made several submissions to Congress on the rejuvenation of the 137-year-old party, Mr Rao said: “PK is holding on to a sick unity. That’s what happened. Do not attach too much importance to it “.

Then he added, “As a strategist looking at the scenario from the outside, he may have his opinion. My opinion is that Congress is a superfluous institution”.

Mr Kishor, who has officially disassociated himself from IPAC but is still linked to it, spent the weekend in Hyderabad with the prime minister.

The meeting is likely to have upset a section in Congress, which is uncomfortable with Mr Kishor’s professional and personal ties with regional parties – those who clearly see them as the hostile camp.

Mr Kishor was political adviser to Trinamool Congressman and Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee and her Andhra Pradesh counterpart Jagan Mohan Reddy, head of the YSR Congress. Both parties are old opponents of Congress in the states.

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