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Red warning for Andhra as cyclone changes Asani track

IMD also warned people about damage and power outages due to heavy rain

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh):

Cyclone Asani has changed its direction and is going to hit the nearby Kakinada coast, Visakhapatnam Cyclone Warning Center director Sunanda added, adding that after touching the Kakinada coast, it will return to sea between Kakinada and Visakhapatnam.

“Cyclone warning and a red warning were given to Andhra Pradesh. Until yesterday the track showed a northwesterly direction, but in the last 6 hours it is moving in the direction of the West Northwest direction. So, it is very close to us Andhra Pradesh coast, ”Ms Sunanda said.

She added that Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) officials had earlier predicted that it would make a turn in the Bay of Bengal, but the cyclone would unexpectedly reach and touch the Kakinada coast.

“In the coming hours it will move in the direction of NW direction and almost near Andhra Pradesh coast. Tomorrow morning it will change its direction and move in the North-Northeast direction and touch the Kakinada coast-east-Godavari coast. – and then parallel to Visakhapatnam coast in NE direction, ”Sunanda said.

The official further said that due to the cyclone effect, IMD gave danger signal number 10 to the Kakinada, Ganagavaram and Bhimunipatanm ports. It also issued a red warning to the districts of Andhra Pradesh, including Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur, for heavy rains accompanied by wind.

With this, IMD also warned the people about damage and power outages due to wind and heavy rain.

It said there was a possibility of damage to thatched roofs, minor damage to kutcha and minor damage to Pucca roads. Some crops of rice crops, bananas, papaya trees and orchards can also be damaged due to the cyclone.

Some areas could experience power outages and a standstill in communication lines, as the branches of trees could fall on them and damage the lines, IMD warned.

It suggested people to stay in a safer place and avoid going to places with serious water drinking problems and asked to adhere to the traffic rules and advice issued in this regard as well as to monitor the traffic congestion before entering the leaving home.

During the last six hours, the severe cyclonic storm ‘Asani’, moving west-northwest and adjacent southwestern Bay of Bengal west-northwest at a speed of 7 km per hour for the past six hours and today over the western central and adjacent. southwest Bay of Bengal at 330 km southeast of Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh), 350 km south-southeast of Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), 510 km south-southwest of Gopalpur (Odisha) and 590 km south-southwest of Puri (Odisha), informed . IMD.

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