TCS To Type Opportunities In The Metaverse. Here’s all you need to know

TCS names the set of products and services on its metaverse themeTiCS.

IT services chief Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has jumped on the metaverse bandwagon by creating experiences in a variety of verticals, including online commerce and workplace experiences, among others. Naming the set of products and services on its metaverse, ‘themaTiCS’, TCS has introduced nine horizontal under three primary themes – Time and Space (TAS), Culture (CUL) and Technology (TEC). On its website, the company says it is the “future of work”, and goes on to add: “Whether the office moves to your dining table or the metaverse is a question that simply will not be resolved.”

On the themes, the company says that the “sudden and seriousness of the pandemic has brought three themes to the top of everyone’s priority pyramid”.

The products and services are aimed at enhancing the remote workplace experience. Since TCS implemented the 25:25 Vision – by 2025, only 25 percent of TCS workforce will work out of TCS facilities at any one time, with employees spending only 25 percent of their time in the office – this set of meta-based applications makes sense .

The company has already started work on a “virtual bank” for retail transactions and a non-fungible token (NFT) market with its own blockchain system.

The company’s metaverse journey will be aided by its Avapresence subsidiary, which bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. TCS’s IP technology supports the platform, which includes cloud, blockchain, AI and IoT capabilities. It utilizes key XR (augmented reality) elements that allow for the design and operation of various Avapresence components.

To expand its business in the metaverse, TCS focuses on the retail / consumer packaged goods, education and real estate sectors. These will be the metaverse’s primary drivers.

In order to increase the company’s collective capabilities in the metaverse, he trains his employees internally for various levels of expertise.

In addition to TCS, other IT majors such as Infosys and Tech Mahindra are also working on various technologies to leverage the metaverse market. According to global investment bank Goldman Sachs, metaverse is estimated to offer a $ 8 trillion opportunity and help IT companies expand their offerings to deep technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and augmented / virtual reality.

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