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“Time to go to the right masters”: Prashant Kishor’s cryptic new tweet

Prashant Kishor said he wanted to “understand the issues and the path to people’s good governance”.


The election strategist, Prashant Kishor, started sending political riots on Monday and has barely indicated what his next move will be after the latest interruption of negotiations with Congress for him to join and the 135-year-old outfit’s to revive prosperity.

The cryptic message came a week after he refused a congressional offer to come on board as a member of a committee that would work on the 2024 general election. Sources said the 45-year-old wanted a free hand to bring about big bang changes and not incremental changes, as Congress was keen.

The announcement indicated that Mr. Kishor would return to his hometown of Bihar, which four years ago was his base for a brief political stint when he joined Prime Minister Nitish Kumar’s party, only to resign about 16 months later after falling out with him.

However, he left enough ambiguity in his tweet to keep people guessing whether he would start a new political party or join an opposition outfit.

According to sources, Mr. Kishor planned to tour through the state and tipped away from the ruling BJP-Janata Dal-United front as he had avoided meeting Nitish Kumar since his arrival. He wanted to maintain an independent position for the time being, they added.

During his travels, Mr. Kishor probably communicates a lot with voters and finds out about their problems.

Big on the phrase of “participatory democracy”, he hopes to find ways to advance his work on his 2015 “Saat Nishchay” manifesto for Nitish Kumar, which included drinking water and electricity connections to every household later co-opted by the union is. government.

Mr. Kishor believed the expectations under some of the announcement of a political formation on Monday, and decided to wait because he thinks the time is on his side with parliamentary elections and state elections in Bihar still two to three years away, sources said. said.

The announcement of a political party at this stage would also have jeopardized any future talks with Congress, they said, placing a timeline of at least six months or a year before Mr Kishor made his next concrete announcement.

Prashant Kishor began as an election strategist with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign for the national polls in 2014, and subsequently helped defeat the BJP in Bihar in 2015 with a historic alliance between longtime rivals Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar.

He helped Captain Amarinder Singh’s successful Punjab campaign for Congress in 2017 and also the Uttar Pradesh flub, which he blamed for getting his hands tied by the party.

He played major roles in Andhra Pradesh’s Prime Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s landslide in 2019, Delhi’s Prime Minister, Arvind Kejriwal’s re-election in 2020, Tamil Nadu’s Prime Minister MK Stalin’s 2021 victory and West Bengal’s Prime Minister , Mamata Banerjee, the landmark victory of the BJP the same year.

After the 2021 election, Mr Kishor told techlives he wanted to leave “this space” of political consultation, but largely left his plans open. A round of talks with Congress then experienced the same fate as that of this year, and he continued to assist Trinamool and more recently Telangana Prime Minister K Chandrashekar Rao or KCR.

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