Toddler ordered 31 cheeseburgers, added $ 16 tip. Mom had no idea

Kelsey Burkhalter Golden decided to donate the burgers.

A two-year-old boy in Texas, United States, ordered more than two dozen cheeseburgers at a local McDonald’s store using his mother’s phone. The woman found out about the act after checking her phone.

Kelsey Burkhalter Golden tells KHOU11 that her son Barrett placed the order without her knowledge on the food delivery platform DoorDash.

“My son was playing with my phone, I thought he was taking pictures, but when I looked back on my thing it was ordered when he was playing with my phone,” the Kingsville resident told the publication.

Talk to KRISTVMs Golden said she was surprised to see a message from DoorDash that her order would take longer than usual “due to the size of the order” – 31 cheeseburgers.

The mother of three was working on the computer when her son got hold of her unlocked phone and placed the order.

The total amount of the account was $ 61.58, according to KRISTV and the little one even added a $ 16 tip.

But instead of scolding the child for being upset, the woman decided to donate the burgers to those who wanted them.

“I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested. Apparently my 2-year-old knows how to order through, ”she posted on Facebook.

Within minutes, Ms. Golden began receiving responses. While some of the locals picked up the cheeseburgers, others gave Ms Golden advice on how to store them.

She later told KHOU11 that she would hide the DoorDash application on her phone to prevent her son from abusing it.

“I think I should hide the application or something because Door Dash is not protected,” Ms Golden said.

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