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Trinamool protest at Guwahati hotel hosting Sena rebels targets BJP

Maharashtra crisis: The protest was led by Trinamool Congress’ Assam chief Ripun bora.


Outside the hotel in Guwahati where Shiv Sena rebels are staying, the Trinamool Congress held a massive protest this morning.

The protest was led by the Trinamool Congress’ Assam chief, Ripun bora. A large number of policemen and security personnel tried to keep the protesters in check.

The protesters shouted slogans accusing Assam’s ruling BJP of investing all its resources to enable the Shiv Sena coup to overthrow the Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra.

The Trinamool Congress claimed that the state government did nothing to alleviate the suffering of those affected by massive floods in the state. More than 55 lakh people were affected by the floods caused by the rising waters of the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers. Since May, 89 people have died in the floods.

The protests outside the Radisson Blu hotel in Guwahati have become a side event of the Maharashtra coalition drama with rebels who have been at the hotel since Wednesday, preparing them for a coup in the Shiv Sena that is leading the coalition.

Eknath Shinde’s supporters claim about 40 MPs are at the hotel, comfortably above the 37 mark needed for the rebels to split the party without risking disqualification under the anti-apostasy law.

The BJP has officially maintained that it has nothing to do with the crisis and that it is an internal problem of the Shiv Sena.

However, sources say the party is waiting for the Shiv Sena rebels to gather enough numbers for the next phase of what is expected to be the BJP’s “Operation Lotus” in Maharashtra to overthrow the Uddhav Thackeray-led coalition and form a new one. government of the Sena rebels and the BJP.

The BJP has kept its distance, but has housed the rebels since they flew out of Mumbai for the first time on Monday night.

Eknath Shinde and his group first moved to Surat in Gujarat which is ruled by the BJP. They were flown late Tuesday night on special flights to Assam, another BJP-ruled state, and were escorted by heavy security, to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati. Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was seen before their arrival at the hotel.

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