Unhappy man, daughter can not walk without facing obscene comments: Supreme Court

“Unfortunately” a man and his daughter can not walk without hearing immoral comments (Representative)


It is “unfortunate” that a father and teenage daughter could not walk the road together without hearing shameful remarks about her, the Kerala High Court said while refusing to grant bail to a man who allegedly made such inappropriate remarks and also the father when he objected to it.

The Supreme Court noted that the accused allegedly hit the father, a retired sub-inspector of police, with a helmet and caused him injuries because he objected to the indecent remarks against his 14-year-old daughter.

“It is unfortunate if a man and his daughter can not walk together without someone making immoral remarks. Such things should stop,” the court observed on Wednesday.

The accused, on the other hand, claimed that the girl’s father had attacked him and the other person who was with him at the time.

To this, the court noted that this would be the normal reaction of any parent who hears obscene comments against their child.

The accused also told the court that the only non-bailable offense against him was under Section 308 (attempt to commit culpable homicide) of the Indian Penal Code which was not appealed in the present case.

The prosecutor argued against the pending bail that the retired police officer was walking with his 14-year-old daughter on the road when the applicant and another accused made obscene remarks against them. When the father protested, he was attacked on the chest with a helmet.

After hearing both sides, the court said: “In view of the facts and circumstances of the case and in view of the nature of the allegations, I am of the view that the applicant is not entitled to anticipatory bail.”

The court said if the petitioner surrendered before the investigating officer of the case, he would be brought before the jurisdiction magistrate on the same day.

“The magistrate will consider any application that may be submitted by the applicant without any unnecessary delay, taking into account the merits of the matter,” the court said.

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