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“We will become police state”: Court beats Assam Cops on Jignesh Mevani

Jignesh Mevani granted bail in alleged assault case in Assam


A court in Assam has sharply criticized state police for trying to involve Gujarat MPL Jignesh Mevani in a “fabricated case” of assaulting a female constable.

Mr Mevani, who was arrested in the “fabricated” assault case on April 25 just after being granted bail by another court in Assam in a case over tweets about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was today bailed by the court in Assam’s Barpeta allowed.

The Barpeta Session Court, in its order granting bail to Mr. Mevani granted, requesting the Gauhati High Court to take up a petition on its own against recent police offenses in the state.

The BJP is in power in Assam, and Mr Mevani claimed that the ruling party was behind his arrest on the tweets against Prime Minister Modi and the subsequent alleged assault on the female constable, which the court has now described as a “fabricated case”. .

The trial court also asked the Gauhati High Court to order the Assam police to wear body cameras and install CCTV cameras in their vehicles to capture the sequence of events when an accused is arrested.

“Transforming our hard-earned democracy into a police state is simply unthinkable,” Judge Aparesh Chakraborty, judge of the court, said in the order. “If the immediate case is accepted as true and in the light of the statement of the woman recorded by the magistrate … which is not, then we will have to rewrite the criminal justice of the country,” the court said.

In contrast to the FIR (first information report), the woman gave a different story to the learned magistrate … In light of the woman’s testimony, the instant case is being fabricated with the aim of detaining the accused Jignesh Mevani. hold for a longer period, abusing the process of the court and the law, ”the court said.

“To prevent registration of false FIR like the current one and to give credibility to the police version of incidents … and police personnel who fire and kill or injure such accused, which has become a routine phenomenon in the state, has the honorable Gauhati Supreme Court may consider ordering Assam police to reform themselves by taking measures, such as ordering every police officer to wear body cameras, to install CCTV in vehicles while an accused is being arrested … Other “Our state will become a police state, which society cannot afford,” the court said.

After being released today, Mr Mevani said the ruling BJP had done a “cowardly thing” by “using a woman” to make a case. “My arrest was not a simple matter. It should have been done on the instructions of political bosses at the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office),” Mr Mevani told techlives today.

“… And in the second case, they cooked up a story to frame a case by using a woman. The government is such a coward that it used a woman against me. Such a cowardly act is it, “the Gujarat MLA said, adding that the ruling BJP is doing all this with a view to the Gujarat election, which will be held later this year.

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