YouTube Music to Support Android 12 Media Recommendations: Report

YouTube Music has reportedly started running support for Android 12 media recommendation feature that shows the recent albums and playlists, enabling users to get started right away with music. The new update will show users three recently played tracks in the compact map, while opening fast settings will show six songs, the report added. It is also said that the compact card appears when the smartphone is locked. The YouTube Music Notice Card has an option to shuffle tracks and shortcut for user’s offline mixes.

According to a report by 9To5Google, YouTube recently started rolling out an update for YouTube Music in support of Android 12 media recommendations. have, such as headphones or speakers.

The report added that the YouTube Music application icon and name will appear in the top left corner, along with three recently played tracks to the right corner when the notice card is in compact form. On the other hand, the opening of quick settings is said to show six recently played tracks. The compact card also appears on the lock screen of the smartphone, as in the report.

Users can start playing the track in the background on YouTube Music application with a single tap which will also show them Play controls, the report added. It is said that the playback recommendations only appear for a few minutes and after that users will swipe to access them again. These recommendations will reportedly appear after playback controls and will start playing another track. As in the report, the notification card will also show a slider and shortcut to start a downloaded offline mix.

Users can disable the YouTube Music Notification Card recommendations by checking Settings> Audio & Vibration> Media> turn off Show media recommendations.

The new YouTube Music update is said to be more widespread for Google’s streaming service than in the past and some Spotify users have already seen it. The report assumes that the notification card will appear in full height on Android 13.

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